Friday, November 9, 2007

Hubby Tag

My good friend Rachel, who recently moved to Arizona tagged me on this little meme. It's about my husband and we all know how he feels about being a blogging subject. quick. This is going to disappear in about 2 days hee hee. Mama knows how to get what she wants.

1. What is his name? Honey

2. How old is he? 38

3. Who eats more? I honestly am not sure. Neither of us eats a huge amount. I eat way faster though.

4. Who is taller? have you seen me? Jason Alexander is taller than me! My man's not tall but he's WAY taller than me.

5. Who sings better? that would be me.

6. Who is smarter? I'm more book learned, but he's definately got all of the sense in the family.

7. Whose temper is worse? hmmm. that's 50/50 too.

8. Who does the laundry? me. he works hard doing other things.

9. Who does the dishes? me again, ditto answer above.

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me. we sort of flip sides everytime we move. it's weird, and i've thought about it and can't figure out why we do that.

11. Who pays the bills? it's a joint effort.

12. Who mows the lawn? that's daddy's job

13. Who cooks dinner? me, most nights !@#$

14. Who drives when you are together? he does because he doesn't trust me

15. Who is more stubborn? again, 50/50

16. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? i don't know if we're admitting we're wrong, but he usually says he's sorry first because he knows i am stubborn only becase he is.

17. Whose parents do you see the most? it's a toss up

18. Who kissed who first? i ALWAYS kiss first; i'm just sort of aggressive/assertive that way

19. Who asked who out? we made a bet, and whoever lost got to pay for dinner. it was our way of avoiding asking each other out. either way whoever won the bet, we were still going out. avoidance.

20. Who proposed? he did. i refused to do it.

21. Who is more sensitive? it depends about what. if it's the SP we're talking about then he's a marshmallow, but anything else, he's a rock - and i'm the bowl of mush.

22. Who has more friends? i have more friends, but he's had hislonger.

23. Who wears the pants in the family? we each have a leg in, busy trying to force the other's leg out so we can cram our other one in...

I'm tagging Josey with this meme. I think she would like this sort of tag...

3 backward glances:

josey said...

ohhh goodie! my first meme tag!! thanks, amy :D:D

so does your hubby not like you blogging? or just doesnt like his name mentioned online? enlighten me!

and by the way, did you read my post for today? i figured you might have, cause mine was about my hubby...and i mentioned him possibly scolding me for calling him "fuzzyface" on my blog (and probably will scold me for even mentioning him. im not for sure...)! i'm not going to mention the meme to we'll see if he really is reading my blog like he says he does ;)

oh and im glad to know ken and i arent the only ones who never sleep on the same side of the bed. hehe! i hate having "my side." im weerd that way. i just need to mix it up, i dont know why! :) i need variety i guess. for SLEEPING!! lol!

hope youve hadda good weekend!

Rachel said...

Ah shucks, you really did it. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure DH wouldn't mind your answers. From what I know of you two you were pretty honest. I like the marsh mellow comment. It just means he loves her.

Ute said...

Sounds like a happy and healthy marriage. Good for you. :)