Friday, August 14, 2009

Such Different Kids

Bugs 5 1/2 months old

Tink 5 months old

When I used to envision having another child, it was a daydream in which naturally I had two SP's (and now I need to change that name because Supreme Princess doesn't cut it when there's another Princess in the house too - hmmm, what shall I call her...Bugs. It's her nickname around here - so be it). So of course I had two Bugs following me around the house. That I could handle.

Now 5 years old is a difficult time for me. I'm not loving the changes between 4 and 5. She's always been a very sweet girl but she's started being mouthy, talks incessantly, is still pretty clingy and just not that awesome little 4 year old I used to have. It also could be that I have another person to care for too so my "love" is being divided. Not fair but it'll get better - everyone says it will.

Anyhew, if I thought I'd get another Bugs, I was sorely mistaken! Tink is nothing like Bugs AT ALL. And here are just a few of the ways...

Tink hates the car.....Bugs was copacetic
Tink's a binky girl.....Bugs is a thumb sucker (yeah, I thought Tink would be but alas, no)
Tink's a mover/shaker...Bugs laid placid as a stone 'til 9 months
Tink's got no teeth yet...Bugs had 3 by now
They look nothing alike, those two
Tink sleeps, oh does she sleep.....Bugs was a bugger!
Tink self-entertains as an infant.....Bugs would not self-entertain until she was like 18 months

But seriously guys. I'm freaking out. I feel like a prisoner of my house because when I say Tink hates the car, I'm serious.....she is like a different child - SCREAMING and crying the entire time unless she's #1) asleep or #2) someone is constantly interacting with her (that would be Bugs upon demand from stressed out Mommy in the front seat).

What do I do? Someone out there has had a kid who detests the car as much as Tink does and someone knows some solution other than "wait it out, it'll get better." Yeah, I know it will. But between now and then, I seriously can't drive further than downtown before she's a bloody mess in the back seat and I wish I'd just stayed home where at least my sanity is held in check.

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Tiffany said...

I wish I had a solution for you. Zerin was that way (hating the car). It was awful to say the least. It DID eventually pass, but the only thing I can tell you we did that helped was keep trips as short and sweet as possible, put him in the car at the last possible second, and oh yeah...maybe you take a valium ;) Good luck 'n' stuff

kelly said...

I memorized Goodnight Moon and I used to recite it to him while I drove around. I had to do it all animated like...
but I think you were wondering about an approach that didn't involve constant interaction. I never found that answer. But, my kid used to cry so hard till he vomited. EVERY TIME. He puked EVERY TIME we were in the car longer than 15 minutes.
So, I guess it could be worse.

Rachel said...

I had a puker too, be happy, the crying stops, the smells stays with you. Perhaps you need to hook her up with the baby tunes like you had on the stroller.
My sister had to take her baby to the chiropractor, apparently the baby was out of alignment and the baby seat was actually causing her back pain. Have you consider that maybe the angle of her seat might be uncomfortable for her? Just a thought.

Amy said...

Kelly: I surely hope this resolves before she can talk and I have to amuse her during every single trip. I was sort of hoping that she'd turn forward-facing and be worlds better. One can hope, right?

Rachel: never thought of that!