Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Neighbors I've Never Met

There's a house I look at all day long as I'm in and out of my house, as I wander through my living room and pull out of my driveway each time I leave. It's the house across the street. I have lived in my house for 4 years now (this month) and not once have I bothered to cross the busy street and go say "hello neighbor!"

Until today...

And I am ashamed to say that I wanted something. The lady was SOOO nice and was so cute when I apologized for the reason that got me to cross the street. She was kind and said I could have whatever I wanted. Such graciousness I could take lessons from.

Until this year, it never dawned on me the literal orchard they have in their front yard. They have two pear trees, three apple trees and a cherry tree. The pears are very near harvest time and they caught my eye the other day as I was pulling out. I have two peach trees and an apricot tree but no apples or pears but would love to bottle pearsauce and applesauce this year. I'm DYING to do it actually. So I ventured over there.

She said they never do a thing with the fruit and I am welcome to have as much of it as I want! I am so excited! With the amount of fruit on those trees, I could have pears and apples to do anything I want! A few years ago, I even bottled apple pie filling and it was so easy. Perhaps I'll have enough apples to do that again!

Her name is Pat and her husband is Stewart. I write it down here so I won't forget it later. Because I'm like that. I wish I'd met them before - it would have been nice to know such good neighbors before now. Shame on me.

2 backward glances:

The Napiers said...

Need help bottling... just call me and I'll be there!!

kelly said...

hey, at the new studio we have pears, plums, apples, cherries and grapes.
If you want more, PLEASE come and help me pick it. We go there once a week to pick up all the fallen fruit from the lawn.