Thursday, August 27, 2009

Six Months in Pictures

I think a mother's mantra should be..."I just don't know where the time has gone..." because more mothers say this phrase than any other ...okay, that's not true. I think it's "turn off the lights" or "get back in bed" or "would you please just eat?"

But seriously, we mothers literally don't know where the time goes. Somewhere between diapers, stories, laundry, dishes, picking up toys and paying bills, these little creatures grow up before our eyes and we unfortunately can't keep them little for very long. How come the time doesn't go that quickly when we're dieting (and obsessing about Oreos?) - now that's a question for Socrates.

So now my little Tinkerpot is 6 months old (and now 2 weeks). I've diligently photographed her at each monthly birthday to get a year's worth of changes. Here's her over the past 6 months. The bottom three are all 6 month pics.

The first picture credit goes to Kelly, of course.

2 weeks

One month

Two months
Three months
Four monthsFive months

Six months

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Rachel said...

So very cute! What a great idea to take the pics every month. I totally missed that opportunity didn't I? She is so adorable and the bows are perfect. Time really is going to fast!

Amy said...

Well, the idea really wasn't mine. It was my dad's. There are regular pictures of me as a baby holding various signs "1 month", "18 months" etc. And I loved the idea so much but now, you don't have to have them hold a sign. You can print right on them! But it's hard Rachel! Getting her to hold still AND smile is crazy! And it just gets crazier every single month now that she can motate herself!

Aislinn said...

Wow - she is just a doll! It's neat to see how much they change in such a short amount of time - their little personalities really shine through in each picture! I love the bows too - what a sweet baby girl!

Amy said...

Thank you Aislinn!