Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Shoulda Majored in Finance

I'm such a doughhead. Especially when it comes to money. I hate money...okay, I love money just the spending of it but the paying of it to creditors is just probably my least favorite task. It's the juggling and balancing act that is so excruciating!

A couple of years ago, The Marshmallow I guess got fed up with my lack of management for want of a better term. He took over wielding of the check writing pen. I was grateful - "good riddance" I thought and happily went on my way. I have some cash that comes in from my job that doesn't go toward bills but toward the "other" stuff that a household needs (lol, like clothes and shoes...jk). I can manage my paltry funds adequately, or rather most of the time.

However somehow in the past several months I've been noticing that that obnoxious responsibility has somehow found its way back into my realm of duty and I'll tell you what - I'm not happy about it. Especially because for a long time, we were ahead of the game, I mean doing awesome and virtually debt free. But with the onset of this crappy economy, we've taken a hit along with most of the rest of blue-collar America - and some white. And what does that mean to me while I'm paying bills? That it's a red figure at the end of the column. And trying to finagle it so that the number is not red and yet all the creditors are happy is difficult if not impossible.

What even sucks more is that now that I have that dreaded and onerous duty of managing our finances, I also have the same despicable duty of managing our credit and The Marshmallow is like Hitler when it comes to his score. He's got that credit services that notifies him immediately if I do a big screw-up job with paying the bills. It's like Big Brother breathing down my neck.

But, it's a good exercise in self-discipline for me...something I literally am horrible at. Self-discipline in any area is something that I always feel like I'm working on. Here I go...hope I don't lose our house for us.

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Rachel said...

OK, I'm going to admit this outloud, about a year about I accidentally paid our mortgage twice in one month. Nice hun, except we didn't have the funds for it. I begged the mortgage company to credit one payment back to us, NO WAY! They told me I would be one month ahead for next time. Except this also meant that we couldn't pay any other bills and we would be bouncing checks left and right for things already out there. Long story... so I will never be given the finances again. I feel for ya. I hold my breath every month at the end of the pay period. It sucks.