Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homemade Chili - It's a Personal Thing

When The Marshmallow requested that I figure out a good chili recipe, I went to the Internet and found an award winning recipe that didn't call for beans. I made the recipe, added beans to it, made a few adjustments and ta-da, I had what we think is excellent chili. (we being the operative word).

Fast forward to several years later (which was actually about 2 years ago) at our ward chili cook-off. Ask anyone - I was CERTAIN people would love it! I prepped myself for accolades aplenty. Boy did I feel like a jerk - when not only did I not win...I didn't even PLACE!

That's the day I realized that chili's a personal project. My family loves my chili and that's good since I'm the one with the recipe. But every family at that cook-off had their own fabulous recipe that I'm sure they thought would win. Some were downright terrible! Perhaps people thought that of mine. Now, it doesn't help that I accidentally added cinnamon instead of chili powder but honestly, I actually thought it was a delightful change - really, it was pretty good!

So I don't force my chili recipe on anyone anymore. The Marshmallow and I both believe it's sent directly from God but it's probably just average stuff. I don't care - I drool whenever it's in the crockpot and The Marshmallow can't get to the table fast enough. Who am I here to please if I can't please a Marshmallow?

But making my chili is an arduous affair which takes a good while and so much to The Marshmallow's chagrin, I don't make it nearly enough. Girl meets Pressure Cooker. I hefted out both of my crockpots yesterday and stirred up a huge double batch of the goop. When I measured it into quart jars today, there were 8 of them...8 delightful nights of chili that I don't have to slave over the crockpot. 90 minutes in the pressure cooker and *poof* ready to eat meals. I'm a genius!

I've always wanted to try canning my chili and it wasn't that difficult. So if you're game to put your pressure cooker to work and make eight meals out of a single afternoon, by all means - pull out your very personal chili recipe, double it up and can it. You won't be sorry!

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