Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Have to Apologize

Uggh! I think that advertisements on my blog may be more trouble than they're worth!

At least when there are none, I can be in 100% control of what is being displayed on my blog.

I had a comment a few weeks ago about one of the advertisements that was displayed and the person said that it was inappropriate especially in context to the nature of my posts. I looked into it and thought it was an isolated occurance.

However today while I was posting, I noticed that the Blogher ads that usually run on the right hand column were so heniously inappropriate that I immediately removed the ad and complained to the company.

For those of you who have been subjected to inappropriate content on my blog, I profusely apologize and promise it won't happen again even if I have to abolish all advertisements. The internet is a scary place anyway and you shouldn't worry about what you'll see when you're coming to my blog anyway.

4 backward glances:

friendinME said...

thanks. This is good to know. I have considered allowing ads on my site. Maybe it isn't worth it... especially if you have no control.

Rachel said...

Ah, it's not your fault. I did wonder why my hubby had such an interest in your site :)

Amy said...

Rachel - you're terribl! Like my site is some porn site? I feel awful!

Steve - I've been told I have control over those ads and that ad somehow slipped through the cracks but that didn't instill any confidence in me toward that company.

friendinME said...

what company did you work with?

I can see it now: "Hey, did you see the porn link on Pastor Steve's website?"