Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Dreaded Job and Why I'm Never Bored

Do you have a particular job that when you walk past "it" you close your eyes, hum a little tune and just pretend it doesn't exist? Well, I have several but the main one is


The main reason is that a large part of it usually involves spending more money (bills, stuff I need to buy...etc) and filing. And it's it piles up and becomes this obscenely huge pile of crap that I have to eventually slog through.

I don't remember a time when it's been more backed up. A couple of months ago, we were having house guests so I bought a couple of nice looking boxes and stuffed all my piles into them so it looked like I was organized. Haha. If you'd have opened the boxes, it would have all been revealed - endless piles of miscellaneous who-knows-what! Shhh, most people (of course that doesn't include you, dear reader) shouldn't know my tips and tricks for appearing to be what I am not always ... scrupulously organized.

Today...I tackled it. I got a few bins and went through all, that's right...all of the stacks. I sorted them into more manageable piles. Haha, more piles. Yes but now they aren't overwhelming. I have one small stack of papers that need further inspection, projects I want to do, places I want to go, things I want to do with my kids etc. And that leads me to .... (rachel, pay attention here)


I'm a collector. I collect magazines and then studiously go through them cutting out all sorts of things from recipes, projects, decorating tips, internet sites to go to, gardening tips, and on and on and on. I have tons of these slips of paper of things to do! And it makes my life fun.

Just a random sampling of the items in that stack are:

1) Ideas for Family Home Evenings
2) New ideas for my occupational therapy treatment sessions
3) Decorating cheat sheet when you're on a tight budget
4) Some vinyl lettering I want to decorate an old window I have in the garage
5) Some life insurance information I need to wrap my head around
6) All of Tinkerpot's ultrasound pictures and thank you cards so I can make her a scrapbook
7) Ideas for things you can make out of your food storage (yay!)
8) 2 books of crafts to do with kids ages 2-6
9) article "Great Money-Saving Websites"
10) article "Smart Snacks Your Kids Will Love" like peanut butter sushi ...yum!
11) a subscription card to Highlights and Family Fun magazines - gonna get these!

That's only a little bit of what's going to be taking up my time in the next month or so. But so you can see, I'm a person that can definitely keep myself busy. I love being me. But I wish I didn't accumulate so much paper!

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