Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now That Came Fast...

Several months ago, I was visiting my sister and her family in Idaho. She has a daughter who is about 6 months older than Tinkerpot. We'll call her Babyface. Well, at the time, Babyface spent a lot of time on the ground pulling herself around in that commando crawl and genuinely having a barrel of monkeys with the other kids. But it didn't occur to me until I left that she wasn't sitting up on her own yet. I mentioned it to my sister and she seemed sort of shocked and taken off guard, sort of like, "Wow, I just didn't even think of trying that out yet!"

At the time, I thought it was so funny and even a little odd! Fast forward to my experiences with Tinkerpot and I am totally understanding. And today is a great example.

With Bugs, each milestone was anticipated for WEEKS and I was always ready to try the next thing even if it was way beyond her. Take for instance the huge trike I bought for her at her first birthday.

For the past couple of weeks, Tinker has been sleeping all the way through the night, not consistently but there have been several nights a week that I've woken up and been a little nervous because she never wanted fed in the night. So I finally decided to look it up and see if there was something wrong or what. I just couldn't remember when Bugs started sleeping all the way through the night.

So in the book, it said that a 6 month old should be able to "fast for up to 10-12 hours"...and there it was. I was shocked! I literally would have willing to get up in the night with her for many more months and never even questioned it! I'm even a little saddened that those sweet middle-of-the-night feedings are likely over. I didn't LOVE them, but I did LOVE to hold that squishy little body, for once so not moving, and so serene. I'm sure I can still get up and feed her in the night and may a few times more...but I simply can't believe that the time has come so soon!

I've learned that when you're trying to hold onto a baby, the milestones come and you can very easily overlook them because you don't want to see them. By the way, it wasn't even 3 days, and my sister called me and told me that Babyface was sitting up all by herself. My sister just had to encourage her. I guess I know what it's like now. She just wanted her baby to be a baby a bit longer!

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