Saturday, May 31, 2008

My First Niece

Renee & Brooke, Denver May 2008

I was not quite 20 when I got the phone call that my first niece had been born to my sister, Renee. I was so excited! She was my first real experience with a baby, if you'll believe it!

Through the years I don't know what kind of example I've been to her but hope that when she's old enough to form her own opinions about the "grownups" in her life, she'll like me as a person.

She went with my sister and me on our recent trip to Denver and it was a great trip. I enjoyed her so much! It made me excited to have a teenager of my own. If she weren't so weirded out by my and my sister's quirky behaviors when we're together, she might have had a good time!

I could tell that she wanted to cut loose with us though - every now and then I saw the glint in her eye!

Between that trip and today's birthday party, I managed to catch an elusive smile. The one I got Denver is beautiful - she's a beautiful girl, and her mom is too so we know where she gets it. The smile I got today was accidental...and perfect.

3 backward glances:

Christy said...

Beautiful ladies! You captured a great moment...very genuine.

Sarah said...

How fun to go on a trip with the two of them! I love my aunts, and I am sure she will always look up to you.

Why did you guys visit Denver? We just moved out to that area--it is great!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will have to try the magic erasers on the tub--I never thought of that! (And Lord knows I detest cleaning tub tiles!)

Amy said...

Christy: I think so too!

Sarah: I went to high school in Aurora at Overland - and my dad still livest there. We went to visit him because he was in the hospital. Other than that, we had a great trip! It is beautiful there - much more so than I remembered!