Monday, May 19, 2008

Unexpected Weekend

Sorry to be away for so long. Being such a regular blogger, it feels weird not to post for 1 day, not to mention 5.

I found out early on Friday morning that my dad was in the hospital, his appendix having ruptured spilling gunk into his guts which evidently was infected. He had surgery and was in recovery, it having turned out to be a little more extensive procedure than originally anticipated.

Since flights were over $300 a person, and driving to Denver from Salt Lake has always been a more financially prudent decision (given one has the time to spend - 8 hrs), my sister and I rented a tiny little gas-conserving car and were on the road by Friday afternoon.

We spent all of Saturday at the hospital practically taking over all aspects of his care except for dispensing his meds. I was in charge of his rehab, and my sister (who is in nursing school) took over his food in-take, oxygen stats and physical comfort. By the end of the day, he was up walking around, had a bath and was on the road to recovery.

Sunday morning, he was feeling pretty sore and sort of nauseous but feeling a lot back to his old self. We stayed awhile until we were sure he was alright and then decided it was time to go.

We drove by the house we lived in when I lived there years ago, my old high school and some of my haunts from about 16 years ago. It was nice to see them but they didn't feel like home anymore so I pointed the car west and headed toward my family.

I'm glad my dad's going to be alright and I'm very happy to be home.

8 backward glances:

FRIGGA said...

Hey, I like your header - those are nice pictures, I especially like the yellow flowers. (Here via Entrecard!)

Lightening said...

Glad to hear everything is okay. That kind of news can be quite scary and unsettling.

Heidi Sue said...

I was wondering where you have been. I am glad that your dad is doing better.

Pam said...

When you didn't post for 5 days I was wondering if some dog lover out there did away with you. Love your blog. Hope your dad keeps getting better and love the hair cut.

Amy said...

frigga: well thanks! that was quite an effort on my part seeing how I know nothing about HTML!

lightening: it was. he's still larger than life to me, you know? weird!

heidi: i'm glad i was missed. thanks!

pam: you know, i sort of worried about retaliation of some sort. haven't received any yet but then i guess it's never too late! lol.

Katie said...

so sorry. you are one good daughter. I am proud of you:)

Joy said...

I'm glad things are okay now. I was wondering how you were. **hugs**

Rachel said...

Daughters make the best care givers. I'm glad to hear he is doing better, I really don't understand the appendix. How can something that has no use become such a nuisance suddenly? I can just see the two of you fussing over his care.