Friday, May 9, 2008

Garage Demo

Have I mentioned how much I hate my front yard? Dude, I abhor it! I can't even believe I bought this house based on the way the front yard looks. It's just SO ODD! And my home has absolutely not even a shred of curb appeal.

My last house was so cute. A little boxy brick bungalo with a little porch and a walk from the porch straight out to the sidewalk. The front yard was small and I had white petunias lining the walk on either side. It was charming and no surprise that it sold in 1 days without even having to list it or put a sign out.

This house on the other hand is the exact opposite. Driving by, you don't even notice it. For 3 months after buying it, I'd drive right past it without seeing it...completely missing my driveway.

That is hopefully about to change. The completely ineffective 1-car detached garage is coming down, as is the circular driveway that, while it is supposed to make pulling out onto a busy street easier, actually makes parking a nightmare. All of this is to be replaced by a real driveway with a turnaround, 2-car garage and a leveled-out front yard complete with rock walls, auto sprinklers and drought tolerant landscaping.

Before that happens though, the asbestos inspector needs to perform his $300 test. What the freak people? $300 to sniff around at my garage?

Well, I guess people might think I'm over-priced too.

4 backward glances:

Melanie said...

It's funny that you hate your front yard. I have been meaning to ask you what those purple flowering plants are that are in the planter right along the road in the middle of your circle driveway. They are looking very pretty these days. It will be nice to have a place to park both your cars. I don't understand the one car garage. I guess it was probably built before every household owned two cars.

Amy said...

melanie: it's phlox - and it spreads more every year. it's the one redeeming thing about my whole front yard. and it's too bad but i'll lose those but it'll be worth it. i can always get more. unfortunately, they only last for a few weeks of the year, but what a glorious few weeks it is :)

Rachel said...

You guys have already done so much work to the house, I'm sure this "little project" will make it the envy of the street neighbors.

Amy said...

rachel: that's exactly the biggest problem. the inside looks nice for the most part and will probably catch people's eye but only if they will venture through the front door!