Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Guilty Pleasures

The most widely understood definition of this term is "things you enjoy doing but are sort of embarrassed to admit to".

Here's a list of my few (not comprehensive because I'm bashful):

1) late night snacking on cheerios and chocolate chips and fruit-by-the-foot (lol, not together)

2) lounging in bed while the morning sun shines through my window

3) blowing off all of my work and floating in the pool while SP naps

4) diet pepsi (a few too many a day)

5) spending $$ frivolously on myself on things like flowers, clothes, shoes and whatever Costco is selling at the moment

6) going to movies alone

7) decaf - at least it's not the real stuff anymore but I still indulge once in a great while

8) sleeping in the spare bedroom in my very favorite mattress!!! DH hates it and I do have good reason to do so but I never really mind too much. It's SOOOO comfortable!

9) unabashed overindulgence in the biggest plate of spaghetti you've ever seen. My favorite food - never to be dished out sparingly!

4 backward glances:

Joy said...

Love your list! Especially the last one. :)

Mine would include celebrity reality TV shows. I seem to be unable to avoid Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Keeping up w/ the Kardashians, and Girls Next Door. LOL.

friendinME said...

(this idea could be an interesting meme.... but don't tag me :) )

My favorite guilty pleasure... my morning very-hot coffee and one chocolate covered donut (which has to be from Dunkin Donuts)

Amy said...

Joy: i've never seen any of those shows! but i can understand how some TV shows could be considered guilty pleasures (like Grey's Anatomy, which I gave up after awhile).

FriendinME: that's a great idea! maybe i'll start a meme! Do you seriously eat a doughnut every single day! Now that's the life! I LOVE doughnuts!

friendinME said...

well, not every day, but probably 4 out of seven... (maybe five). I think of it as incentive to go running. :)

coffee every day. I am quite literally addicted to it (but I love it).