Monday, May 12, 2008

Furry Lambs

As a ploy to get SP to allow me to brush her teeth, I've created the furry lambs that live on her teeth that need to be gotten rid of. It makes her laugh while I chase the furry lambs around her mouth with the vibrating toothbrush. Kids - you get inventive!

So we recently had cleanings at the dentist and she came out with a A+ bill of health. Me, on the other hand...not so much. Evidently mom's not been getting all the furry lambs out of her teeth. One has eaten a hole into a molar.

This was actually a good thing to happen though because SP is now acutely aware of what can happen if we don't get those furry lambs out! I have to go today to get the cavity filled (one of my very least favorite things to do in the whole world). I think I'll opt out of the laughing gas today though.

2 backward glances:

Elizabeth said...

"furry lambs"-ha! that's really clever!

Rachel said...

Oh, it is a good one. We call them fuzzy bunnies, but the boys don't seem to care if the bunnies have a sleep over or not.
Enjoy the return trip to the dentist :)