Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Anybody but me have the hardest husband to buy for?

DH's birthday is next Wednesday and if you thought I even had a CLUE as to what to do, you'd be as far from the truth as possible.

What to do, what to do, what to do.....hmmmm.

And, to make matters worse, I need to buy two presents, one from me, one from SP.

He's got it so easy. I make it so easy on him. I know I'm hard to shop for (lol, mainly because he just doesn't pay attention when we're in a store - because if you watched me, it would be easy to tell the things I gravitate toward), but then I give him a veritable list of things I would like. Would it really be so hard for him to do the same?

So, I'm on a mission today. With luck, I won't have to drive ALL over the city.

7 backward glances:

Rachel said...

Do y'all have a real barbershop around? I've bought hubs 'gift certs' to one and he loves them. They do the real deal shave, hot towel, facial massage, haircut and all. It's like a man spa and he loves it. Such a treat. This year he's getting that and a one hour massage. With stress from work and just life in general, he desperately needs one. I don't know anyone who would turn down a massage. Just a suggestion. :-)

Rachel said...

Two words: Power Tools.

Amy said...

rachel #1: that's a great idea! he might really enjoy a real shave thing!

rachel #2 (you're always #1 with me though :) - power tools; great idea but he's so darn picky! he's always got to have the most expensive ones and honestly I have no idea which ones he already has. perhaps i should be paying more attention.

Lightening said...

What I do with my DH is every now and then give him a hardware store catalogue and ask him to circle all the stuff he might like. I've even been known to wander around said hardware store looking lost and get some great help from the salesmen.

My DH is reasonably easy to buy for though because he never buys anything for himself.

friendinME said...


I make it a practice NEVER to buy my wife something that we use in the house as a personal gift (dishes, appliances, furnishings, etc). My rule of thumb: if I will benefit from it, it isn't a gift to her.

With that in mind... I also don't want a power tool as a gift if I will only use it to work around the house. On the other hand, if your DH is a hobbyist who uses tools for personal enjoyment, then a power tool can be a great gift.

That is one man's opinion... (but as usual, I'm right). ;) (I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.)

Many women don't like to give gift certificates because they seems so cold and unimaginative. Me? I'd prefer to be taken out for a nice meal and then be able to select what I want.

So, my short list:
--an evening at my/our favorite restaurant,
--a loving kiss
--a warm "happy birthday"

(pick one)
Barnes and Nobel Gift Certificate
Best Buy Gift Certificate
L L Bean Gift Certificate
Home Depot Gift Certificate

Amy said...

Lightening - now that's a great idea! i think he might even do it!

Steve - good advice as always. last year i did make the mistake of buying "him" a nice camera but of course I end up using it far more than he does, and he knows it. i did already buy him his gifts and hope he likes them and i'd tell what they are but i suspect the little turkey reads this blog. o-well.

Katie said...

Doesn't he like to Golf? Get him some golf passes somewhere, or even better yet, let me watch Natalie while you TAKE him golfing and spend one on one time together.