Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your Obituary

A number of years ago I had mortality worries - not like I was going to die but just being as prepared for it as one can be.

I typed up important information (financial, personal etc.) so that DH or my sister wouldn't have to search around too hard to put things in order.

At the same time I also outlined my burial requests including the funeral (no open-casket: eww), organ donation etc. I even made some requests about songs, speakers etc. Hmm. Looking at this is making me sound really morbid. But I like to be prepared, that's my style and I'm comfortable with it even if others aren't (which truly DH wasn't when I told him about it).

I put a copy of all of this in our safe deposit box. I can't remember all that I wrote only that it probably needs to be updated for several reasons. I think I even sort of wrote my obituary.

But you know how at funerals people get all sappy and tell a bunch of lies about how positively terrific a person was? Even if you truly loved someone, they still were only human. Well, I want the TRUTH told at my funeral. I want people to know I was grouchy in the morning and irritable if I don't get my way...but that I tried hard to be a good, honest person.

What's the most important thing you'd have said in your obituary or at your funeral?

4 backward glances:

Ben said...

That's a tough question... I want people to know that I was a good cook... but I don't think there will be many people at my funeral. hehe.

friendinME said...

I agree with Ben... tough question! Which might be why you seem to have fewer comments here.

hmmmmm maybe... he was a man with feet-of-clay who wanted to love God and others.

I can't say that I really want all my faults on display at my funeral. I want honesty and a little mercy. :)

Regina said...

Very interesting post! I think I may post this at my blog (If I do I will of course give you credit!).
It is not at all morbid, better safe than sorry. Who knows what my crazy family would do,a toga party or some such nonsense!

at my funeral I want people to know that I was not perfect, but I Loved God and tried to be the best person I could be in His eyes. I also want it known that I loved my family more than life itself!

Amy said...

Ben: i wonder why you don't think many people would come. in my experience the only funerals that not a lot of people come are old people (because most of "their people" have already died).

friendinme: lol, i'm not really a profound person! mercy's a good answer. i like it.

regina: you're more than welcome to use this post! i don't own the idea. i'm thinking a funeral toga party sounds pretty fun though! :)