Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'm going to get really boring on you for a minute, so please humor me. I write this blog for my own personal journal...not just to amuse the masses.

I have a line of ancestors that I've been trying to track for several years - trying to figure out where in Europe (Austria) they originally came from. Everything I've tried has failed.

So about a month ago, I sent two requests to Pennsylvania for copies of death certificates for my great-great grandmother and her father. I was most interested in her father as it would have had a lot of specific information. I was SURE they'd be able to send it to me.

I've literally been running to the mailbox for two weeks ever since the checks were cashed proving they were on the case.

When they came in the mail today, it was akin to opening the envelope from my University when I was awaiting acceptance to my grad program. I quickly read through the information and although there was a death certificate for my great-great grandmother (FANTASTIC!), there was a short letter saying they had no record for her father. I was SO bummed!

NOW where do I look? I'm literally stumped!

5 backward glances:

Christy said...

Wish I could help you with that one! Good luck finding it, more prayerful searching is all I can suggest. Perhaps another blog reader will have better advice. I am just feeling for ya right now and wanted you to know. :)

Brittany E. said...

I'm sorry you hit a wall! Don't give up, something will shake through eventually!
p.s-glad you like the songs :)

Haney said...

I think it's quite hard to find the details of our great great grandparents since they don't have proper birth certificates and all.

Anyway, relax a little bit. Everything takes time.

josey said...

awww bummer!! sounds like you're gonna need to dig a little deeper somehow and fine tune your detective skills :) i'm not sure how all the family tree stuff works, but surely he is at least buried somewhere. maybe finding out more about where and when your great-great grandma died will give you some clues to his death as well?

keep us updated! :D

Rachel said...

That is disappointing. Maybe someone who knows the ins and outs of tracking difficult to find family members will read or hear about this and be able to share their tricks. Sorry honey.