Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Had A Bad Day

I actually had a bunch of emails yesterday (and/or comments) inquiring if yesterday's post was meant to refer to them.

Alright. I'm really sorry! I mean it!

That post actually wasn't meant toward anybody. It was a collective frustration that really wasn't even about that issue even. I mean, I was having a really bad day that was the culmination of a really weird weekend and I let my mind wander too much on poor, pitiful me.

Truth is folks, I have great friends. I have friends of every kind. Some call, some don't. Some write me letters, some text or send emails. Some I know well enough that I can talk to them once a year and it's totally cool - and some I live just houses away and don't often see...and that's cool too. It's all good because each of these relationships have their own "rules" or agreements. We know what's expected and we can be friends in whatever way we've chosen because well, because we're friends!

So, to each and everyone of them that worried about who I was referring to, I'm sorry. I'd be ungrateful if I were to be critical about any one of my friends' flaws because they certainly haven't been critical of mine.

3 backward glances:

The Napier's said...

Amy... I love you!! : )

Steve said...

Oh... crap! I just left a comment. Just pretend it said, "Amy. You rock." :)

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