Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Construction

Last week we received notification that construction would begin again on our street. You remember what happened last time there was construction... great!

I could have sworn that construction happened just last year but it was actually nearly two years ago. Wow! Time flies. This time they're repaving the entire street for a stretch of about a mile. That's the trouble with living on a busy street. They're always doing stuff to it. I mean it always eventually benefits me...like with a new awesome sidewalk, and finally a smooth road instead of the incredibly bumpy one we've been driving on for who knows how long.

But it's a pain. They told us we'd have limited access to our driveways for an entire month. I'm not sure what "limited" means but it really sounds like it will be limiting, XD.

Yesterday the tearing out process started and is continuing today which is what this picture is. The Marshmallow knows all the technical terms for this equipment but I just know it's a big, noisy machine that tears up asphalt and spits it into another truck. I don't know if you can see the drop off but it's currently about 12' away from my driveway and if I want to get out, I drive on the dirt for about 1/4 of a mile to the "ramp" they've made to get back onto the normal road.

When they lay the new road I'm sure I won't be able to get in my driveway at all which will suck really bad because I'm carrying quite a bit to the car and back right now with the baby and all. Maybe I'll just go stay at my big sister's for a week. Always looking for an excuse to do that!

3 backward glances:

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, you are so right! What a pain in the tush! You have an absolutely enchanting driveway though!

Rachel said...

But look how great your flowers and front bushes are looking. Its springtime in Utah! mmmmm. I miss it.

Katie said...

I was telling Julie the same thing- that it felt like just yesterday they were putting the sidewalks in and had a big mess on your street and now this- YUCK