Saturday, May 9, 2009

Waterpolo Angels

My sister, Renee, phoned this morning and said she was at our local recreation center watching her oldest daughter play waterpolo. She said she was going to stop by between games. I thought she'd come and just visit for a few minutes.

A short while later, she pulled up in front of my house and a car full of teenaged girls piled out holding pots of flowers they intended to plant in my flower beds in preparation for tomorrow's get-together. My sister had orchestrated the whole thing!

The girls got to work planting all of the flowers and they looked beautiful - the flowers looked great too! I was amazed at how fast they got the job done.

Renee has been so instrumental in organizing tomorrow's event. She practically created the menu, figured out the best place to buy all of the stuff, where the bargains were, helped buy some of the stuff, is personally making 1/2 of the menu, planted those flowers today, and helped to make sure we're not missing anything. I'm pretty sure it would have been a complete bust without her help.

Anyway, just a shout out of thanks to the Tooele High School Girl's Waterpolo Team and especially to my sister, Renee for their help today! You're awesome!

2 backward glances:

Anonymous said...

That is just TOO sweet! What a wonderful sister you have!

B, C, and D said...

Okay, that is just awesome. Sisters are the best! I don't know what I'd do without mine!!