Monday, May 4, 2009

What's Going On This Week

I was making a plan of what I wanted to accomplish today and I realized that I actually have sort of a busy week. So I've had to revise my Master Day Plan and change it to sort of a Master Week Plan if I'm to get ready for this coming weekend which happens to be Mother's Day too.

We're having Tinkerpot blessed this Sunday and after, we're having a small family get-together with some brunch items. I've got most of the food for it but I need to take the meats and have them cut into slices at Winegars sometime this week. Salads are being pot-lucked as are drinks and chips. I should think about a dessert or something. Any quick yummy ideas?

Since I'll have company this weekend, I've got to get both spare bedrooms in shape, which ...ehem...means I need to move back into my own bedroom and likewise Tinkerpot. We've been holed up in the same room for the past month to make it easier on mom when she wakes (which she doesn't do much anymore). Really it's so that if she cries for a minute or two, it doesn't disturb The Marshmallow who feels the need to pick her up if she utters a squeek.

So that means quite a bit more laundry..sheets and such.

Renee and I are hosting a Mother's Day luncheon here at my house on Thursday. I have a bit of shopping to do to get ready for that. Incidentally that same day are Tinkerpot's first shots and I'm nervous about that. I've forgotten what Bug's shots were like at that age except for how traumatic it was for me.

So all in's what I have to get done this week.

1. sweep/mop
2. load of laundry a day
3. do 15 minutes of de-cluttering in 1 area each day
4. clean the litter box!
5. hang the shelf to put my plants on
6. work on my next wall of pictures
7. shop & prepare for Mother's Day luncheon
8. shop & prepare for blessing get-together
9. pictures of Tinkerpot in her blessing dress
10. family home evening planned and executed!!!
11. start thinking about invitations for Bug's birthday party

On the personal fitness front, I did run this morning (yay!) with Kelly, who is my newest running partner! We're not going far yet but we are working on it and it feels SO GREAT! I came home and did one of my P90X workouts for core strengthening which sucked. My core is jello right now. I lost 5 lbs. last month doing this P90X thing - then gained back 1. O-well. But my goal this week is to get back on track. I plan to run at least 4 days this week followed by one of the P90X workouts each day, at least 5 days.

My eating needs a little work too. I'm only eating about 1400 calories right now and so far it's not affecting the milk supply fortunately. I have plenty :). But the P90X program, at this phase has a 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fat) percentage split and my goal is to eat as close to those percentages each day this week. It's not as hard as the last phase was which was 50/50/20. Yikes, that was hard.

So that's my week in it or not. Gotta get it done. Good thing I'm getting plenty of sleep. Better get working!

3 backward glances:

Heidi Sue said...

You are one busy lady!! But I know you will pull it off.

Rachel said...

One thought: have the brunch catered by Cafe Rio.
Who needs sleep :)

Kimmie said...

If you need anything let me know...I would love to help! Maybe one day I could take Nat off your hands? Just let me know. The one thing is for will get it done that is how amazing you are!