Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change of Plans

I left the house full of intention. I had lots of things to do in just a short amount of time.

So I get to the doctor's office after properly medicating Tinkerpot for pain. My appointment was set for tomorrow. They couldn't fit her in today. I rescheduled for Monday. Well, that freed up an hour which sort of made me happy.

The nail place wasn't open until 10 (it was 9) so I went to the flower shop to get corsages for my mom and grandma to wear to church on Mother's Day. Note to self: start saving now for corsages for next year. Those suckers are pricey!

Still, with time to kill, we hit Great Harvest for their free bread. But I felt like a hoser so I bought some bread while I was there. Another note to self: next time ask for a small piece to avoid the 1,000 calories I hate in BREAD. No, no one was forcing it into my mouth but I felt an honest compulsion to lick the crumbs off the table after eating the whole thing in 4 seconds.

Now it was 10 - so I ran over to the nail place. Another car pulled in at the exact time I did but since I had so much to get out of the car (slow kid + backpack full of activities to occupy her, kid in carrier + baby accouterments, me + my purse, blanket + everything else we might need FOR ONE HOUR) they beat me in there, and took my spot with the lady who does my nails - the only lady I'll let do my nails now. I had to reschedule for tomorrow.

On my way home, I got a phone call that my grandma was sick and wouldn't be able to make it to the luncheon today. Just wonderful. It seemed like my whole day was turning out to be a joke! While I sat there trying to figure out an alternate plan for the luncheon, since it was kind of important that she be there, it was decided my mom would just come anyway and we'd send my grandma's gifts home with her. They live together. I felt bad but there weren't many other options at that point. We ended up having a really good time and I suppose I need to just be happy that it didn't entirely get blown.

Interestingly enough, I found out today that I was accused of stealing money from a person who is close to me 11 years ago. I also found out that this person has told several others that are close to me that I did it, but this person never told me! How am I supposed to react to this? In the past 11 years, I have gone out of my way to be nice to her but now find out that she harbors a grudge against me and it colors all of our interactions. I'm blown away, hurt and extremely surprised mainly because I absolutely did nothing of the sort! I mean the thought of doing what I'm accused of is so far removed from anything I would ever think of doing that it's actually even a little funny. In matters like that, I am beyond reproach and I can say that and not feel even the slightest bit boastful. Hmmm. I have to think about this on how I intend to proceed. She isn't aware that I know at this point and my gut instinct is to march up to her and confront her. Not sure that's the best approach in this situation though.

Anyway, did get my gardening done today. Wish I'd done it earlier in the day - it's hot! Now that the Mother's Day luncheon is over, I can focus on Tinkerpot's blessing. I love that kid.

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