Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday at the Preschool

Bugs is turning 5 at the end of this month and since she won't be in school anymore, they're celebrating it tomorrow at school.

So, for the first time of probably many times, I made cupcakes (from scratch!) for the class to deliver tomorrow during their little celebration.

I would post pictures of the cupcakes that I just finished baking but I am mortified at their turn-out. They are the ugliest cupcakes I have ever seen. And the only thing that makes them look edible (to a 5 year old) are the liberal sprinkles and the single M & M on the top. I hope I get better at making them (maybe I should just buy them).

However, if you can get past their appearance, these cupcakes are the yummiest thing I've eaten in a long time, and I'm not a huge fan of cake. They taste like the moistest brownies in the world and the frosting is a cocoa buttercream that has more of a gourmet flavor than the Betty Crocker frosting in a jar at the grocery store. I'm in love with it. I will eat it straight. Right now. Excuse me please.

2 backward glances:

Carly said...

Amy as she goes on to kindergarten and further you won't have to worry about making cupcakes anymore. They won't let you bring homemade stuff to school. The crazy, sad time we live in.

Amy said...

hehe, well then they won't be subjected to my hideous cupcakes. good to know!