Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny brought SP, otherwise now known as "Bugs", a yummy looking hollow milk chocolate Peter Rabbit Easter Bunny (reference pic).

Bugs has a rather unique fondness for all things cuddly. I suppose she thought that this Peter Rabbit Easter Bunny could be cuddly because she refused to eat him on the premise that he was "too cute". So now, I've had this ginormously delicious-looking chocolate bunny (milk-chocolate, mmm my favorite!) on my counter for 3 weeks.

I'm certain she's forgotten about him and would not even notice if the bunny were to end up in my tummy one night. I give myself a lot of credit for not inhaling him already. If it weren't for the possibility that she just might notice, I think I would have eaten him already. What would I say? "He's gone home to Flopsy and Mopsy?"

Ugh! What does a mom do? I want him: I don't want him.

2 backward glances:

Ellen said...

"He met a bunny girl and they went off to have a family in...Arkansas. He said he'd write!"

On another note. I had to dunk a leftover cake under water to keep myself from eating it. Hard. But strangely rewarding.

Rachel said...

That is funny. I just finished off the jelly beans yesterday. I had hide then in a drawer (out of side out of mind). But they never were out of mind, I just kept nibbling until they were gone. Small bursts of sugar for the past 3 weeks.
I say eat the bunny!