Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Weekend

I know I never mentioned I was leaving for the weekend. I found myself describing myself recently as "disoriented" lately and that's the truth. I just can't seem to stay focused for very long and even my typical and favorite activities are displaced. So, sorry.

We went, of course, to the wastelands of the in-laws. The 1-horse town where DH grew up. It served to be very typical of most other trips there. I amuse myself by bringing books, my computer, and contemplating suicide.

It's nearly a 2 hour trip to their house and we stayed 2 nights. DH packed up our bags this morning as I finished my breakfast. He brought my bag full of necessities (that would be my computer bag) and set it by the back door. All the OTHER bags, he put in the car. Of course I didn't see it there. I assumed he'd packed the car. I didn't realize it wasn't among our possessions...until we were home. This wasn't his fault. I should have been more concerned about my most important worldly possession.

In the bag was my laptop, my clipboard with ALL of my paperwork for work (completed and needing to be submitted Monday am), the 3 current books I'm reading, and a few other odds & ends. When DH told me he hadn't put it in the car, I seriously thought he was joking - this is exactly something he'd joke about. I literally went to the car to make sure he wasn't. He wasn't.


5 backward glances:

Rachel said...

I was waiting for you to tell us that it turned out to be great weekend and SP had a ball with the cousins and that you loved the small one horse town after all.... guess not :)

Christy said...

OOPS! Hope you made the best of it. Surely there was a store around so you can buy a fill-in book.

Amy said...

rachel: it's all in my attitude, and i know that. it's something i work on :)

christy: lol, one night without a book didn't kill me but nearly did.

Kimmie said...

Obviously, I am not in the loop.
Who is DH???

Amy said...

Sorry Kim. DH is a fairly common abbreviation for "Dear Husband" since the man doesn't like to be referred to by his "real" name. SP is "Supreme Princess". I should put those abbreviations up on my sidebar for easy reference.