Thursday, July 24, 2008

No News...Good News?

Ellen drank castor oil yesterday afternoon and called me around 6pm and said she was on her way to the hospital to have her baby.

It's now 11pm and I still haven't heard what's going on. I can only assume she had the baby seeing as it's been over 24 hours but maybe they're exhausted. I hope it's all good and nothing bad but I hope my mom would have called by now if there were problems. She's up there helping out with Ellen's kids while mom/dad are at the hospital.

Incidentally, an old friend from high school, Todd and his wife just had their 3rd baby boy today also. Congratulations to Todd and Jen!

3 backward glances:

... To the Beat of My Own Drum said...

Thanks Amy! I hope all is well with Ellen. To answer your question, My wife is doing well. She has flabbergasted the nurses because she took a shower (30 minutes after) is up and about and wants out tomorrow ASAP. Baby is grand and quiet(?) which we are not used to. I'm home tonight with our boys. It's nice to read that your mom is in the picture with the births of her grandchildren.

Blessings to you and yours and glad to know you are sleeping cool as a kitten with your kitten and new quiet AC!


Katie said...

Well I can tell you that poor Ellen had some major diarrea after drinking that- Not something you want during or after having a baby!

Amy said...

Katie: oh, she did! but it worked and being 5 days over, I know she was about to do anything!

Todd: tough lady! i'm envious - i'm nothing like that. glad all's well though! best of luck for night sleeping!