Friday, July 18, 2008

It's 5:30 AM, And All Is Well

How I longed for these early, spontaneous risings 6 months ago when I was wanting to go running at 5 am.

I've been awake for an hour and a half. I finally decided to give in and just get up. I thought the swamp cooler clicking was an isolated middle of the night sound, but no - tonight (which was the night I just woke up from - stay with me here), the alarm started making low battery beeps at 4am. I was actually nodding off again though when it started beeping. That resolved, I went back to bed.

I did the only thing one can do when lying there restless, and I said my prayers for an hour. That was nice. As I finally started to fall back asleep, the freakin' phone rang! What the H! Nothing breaks the silence like the phone - dang wrong number, blasted long distance freazazoid.

When it was clear I was destined to be awake, I decided to blog. Hope you're all still asleep.

4 backward glances:

... To the Beat of My Own Drum said...

I've heard of mommy nose, but mommy ear?

Oye! Nothing does break the tranquil peace and quiet of sleep like a silly phone call. It's always a parent too. Dang parents calling at o-dark thirty.

Hope you catch a nap today!


Amy said...

It's only 8:00 and I already need one. My butt's dragging the carpet and I have so much to do today.

Rachel said...

Ok, the butt dragging on the carpet gave me visuals of a dog dragging his u know what across the carpet... ewww. I totally did the middle of the night wake up thing for about 3 weeks. I did some reading of blogs and the BofM and finally resolved myself back to sleep. Hang in there.

Tammy said...

I wasn't up that early, but I just went to bed not too long before you got up. Blogging is addictive.