Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tacos - the right way

So my girlfriend, Carly and I were discussing tacos yesterday (well, I was craving them). Her daughter was practically gushing about Carly's tacos, and I said, "no, my little friend - you haven't had good tacos until you've had mine!" I bragged realizing as I spoke that these folks have actually had my cooking and are probably thinking, "yikes!"

Anyhoo, I wanted to know what the "perfect" tacos were so we started comparing notes. Honestly, anyone who has ever had my tacos (as in my family's tacos that were passed down through the mommy's), always comes back for seconds. Always.

So Carly said that she fries her ground beef and then adds a bit of enchilada sauce to it. Hmmm. I add a smidgeon of taco seasoning but that's only because it's the way DH likes it and really it's an amendment made only in the last ten years.

Then, she said she fries her corn tortillas in oil. A-haa!!! Now we're on the same wave-length! That's exactly what I do! And if you don't do that - you're eating those crunchy pre-made wastes of tortilla. Yuck! Sure, it's less healthy but I'm not talking about health - I'm talking about taste!

I'm sure all the rest of it was the same - lettuce, tomatoes, onions, blah blah. Fry your tortillas. You will not regret it!

But don't take MY word for it since you know how I am with cooking! Carly's a GREAT cook!

10 backward glances:

Katie said...

Oh the days when I would fry my shells ( I miss them but my BUTT doesn't HEE HEE) We had shredded chicken tacos tonight- my secret, french dressing. It is so good on Tacos!

Steve said...

I'll bet your tacos kick much butt.

I always cook some onions and garlic up before adding the lean, ground turkey. After I brown the meat, I add a bunch of cilantro, some cumin, a little chili powder and picante sauce until it's the right consistency.

But, honestly, I've never had a "bad" taco. I could eat them 5 nights a week and be happy. :)

Shelby said...

I can up your taco ante, I do all of those things and then you melt velveeta cheddar cheese over the stove and add kidney beans, which goes on after the ground beef (which I mix with salsa!) and'll just have to try it. Divine.

Aislinn said...

Yummy - TACOS!! I love the "homemade" fried shells! They are the best!! We usually fry flour tortillas but the corn tortillas are just as good!! MMMM - TACOS!!!

sabriena said...

We used to fry our shells until everyone started wanting 5 tacos each. I would be standing there frying shells for at least an hour or more. Now we have soft shell tacos all the time :P

Christy said... of our family favorites. I add salsa to my meat mixture along with the taco seasoning and onion. It is a yummy addition. We have never fried our shells, I don't fry many things. We do the soft taco thing.

Mikki said...

I had to de-lurk for this one.:o)
I am with you on the fried shells. DA BOMB!! I also love to sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on the shells right after they come out of the oil. Delish!!

Carly said...

Amy, we came home from the pool and made tacos and they tasted sooooooooooooooo good. I don't fry mine until they are hard just enough to still be able to fold them. Isnt' it funnyy how we like what we grew up on? I make tacos the way my mom did and my mom makes them the way my grandma did. I like what Sabriena said about standing and frying all night. That is how I feel, but it's worth it because they taste sooooo yummy!

Robyn said...

We always fry our corn ones...but what a treat when in a lapse of brainpower I lightly fried a flour one. We've never gone back to corn! It's a lightly fried flour tortilla till death in this house! Taco's are the best!!

... To the Beat of My Own Drum said...

You'll never know Right Tacos if you use ground beef. Someday I may share with you my SHREDDED BEEF TACO RECIPE handed down from generations before when we were still savages sacrificing to the Yum god's. Maybe.