Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pioneer Day Fireworks

Whenever we go to the fireworks, there's always one or two people there selling those glow toys (bracelets, necklaces, swords, etc) to kids. It's fun to watch the cool glow-in-the-dark toys flash through the dark as you look out over the stretches of grass where families are sitting waiting for the fireworks to start.

Last year, Kim and I decided that this year it might be fun to sell those things too since it seems like every kid has one and as a parent, it's hard to resist buying a little toy for your kid when it obviously brings them so much pleasure (and it with it an element of peace for yourself, lol).

We bought a bunch of random glow toys and jewelry and treked out across the grass waving our swords, wearing as much glow jewelry as we could possibly get on. We glowed like the North Star. It was so funny!

Some of our toys were duds and didn't sell at all but we sold a crap load of those little bracelets for $1 a piece! We bought those suckers 6/$1! But we did sell most of the toys we had brought, and even a bunch we weren't even planning to sell. But, because of the duds we didn't make the expected profit.

We met a guy who told us that last year he was selling glow toys too and the police arrested him, took him downtown and fingerprinted him. I'm not sure I believe him because although it might have been more legal to have a business license or permit to sell, the police didn't even look twice at us and we walked by them like 40,000 times. I'm pretty sure we were just too small-time for them to bother with.

4 backward glances:

Katie said...

wow- that was pretty good of you guys. I don't even go to fireworks on the 24th. I keep hoping my kids never find out about them.

Rachel said...

How resourceful! I hope you ended up making a profit, but it was probably a lot of fun just hanging out with the crowd.

Tiffany said...

high-5! I always think of doing things like that about 10 minutes too late, so go you!

Kimmie said...

So, Amy what did we make if anything?