Friday, July 11, 2008

At Least THAT's Done!

Life has a way of making sure that whatever it is you're avoiding, smacks you in the forehead when you're not expecting it.

Turns out SP left the freezer open a few nights ago when she went to get a popsicle. I have slacked in my duties of teaching her the proper way to shut a door!

DH very empathetically reminded me, when I called him to insist we buy a new frostless freezer (DENIED!) that I had "defrost freezer" on my TO-DO list since, um let me see, oh - November! and if I had DONE it, this wouldn't have been the nightmare it turned out to be. See what I mean? Life - just giving me that little extra umph I need.

Had I not made a pit stop at home to drop off some chicken nuggets in the freezer before I did some more shopping for things I don't need important errands, I'd not have noticed the debacle. I also was planning to spend my afternoon pool-side, baking in the sun. Turns out, Carly (saved the day) came and took SP to the pool instead leaving me wallowing in my misery, but at least not tripping over her too.

Have you defrosted a freezer when it's 428 degrees outside? I suppose that it's better than doing it when it's 428 BELOW but still, I'd rather be oh well, nearly anywhere.

The good news is I found many lots and forgotten foodstuffs locked away under ice back in the depths. Yeah, too bad they got chucked due to freezer burn. I took inventory of what's left and am now prepared to go buy more food to put in there and forget about. Costco anyone?

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friendinME said...

dang. you just reminded me that our freezer in the basement needs defrosting. Last time I tried to jam something in there, I noticed that the frost is taking up about a third of the space.

memo to self: contact Maine Historical Preservation Office to obtain permission to do an excavation and throw away food relics.