Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swamp Coolers Blow

literately and figuratively.

I woke last night around 4am which is becoming a habit. As I lay contemplating the myriad of things that I had to do today that I'd never get around to (and ha, I didn't even touch 3/4 of them) I was suddenly made aware of this annoying and continuous clicking in the otherwise still house.

I tried to ignore it but as I started to fall back asleep, the clicking intertwined itself into my dreams and made for very strange insect embedded visions.

So I got up and wandered around until I sourced the noise which of course is our ancient swamp cooler. I hate that thing.

We'd already scheduled to have central air installed next week but if this swamp cooler goes out before the air conditioner goes in, I'm going on revolt and moving into a hotel.

Do you realize that I haven't lived in a house with an air conditioner since I was in high school? What is with Utah and older homes?

2 backward glances:

... To the Beat of My Own Drum said...

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger... or at least gives you a really good story for the grand children.

Hope the clicking noise doesn't keep you awake or burden you with insect visions.

Are you sure Rocky Road wouldn't fix the issue?


Aislinn said...

HEHEHEH - Amy, I totally agree - what is with Utah's older homes?! Being from the south AC is a must have and come standard with every home purchase! (yes - even the trailers!) I died when we moved here and found out that our first place was a swamp cooler - A WHAT? (then a flood of questions and unknowns) - now we are in a place with AC and I am grateful everyday - so come on over if you need to!!