Friday, July 18, 2008

Outta Here

We're leaving in the morning for a few days. A quickie road trip up north to see some bears up close in Yellowstone. DH found a place where you can even feed bear cubs with a bottle in Rexburg. We have a few days and so, why not?

We will be back on Monday in time for the guy to come install our air conditioner! Yeah!

But for today's happenings, SP ate something that gave her food poisoning (I think the culprit was granola - weird huh?) and she's been puking all day long. She can't even keep down Pepto or anything so she's just having to deal with it herself. She's finally asleep now but I hope she doesn't wake up puking again. I just don't think I have anymore spare sheets!

See you Monday!

2 backward glances:

Robyn said...

Bear World!!! You will LOVE it! My kids still talk about our visit (two summers ago) and ask if we can go back again. Sadly---the road trip from Chicago is a bit longer than it was from Utah! Kelly-D got yelled at on his visit. He's so tall and leaning over...the grizzly's were awfully close to his head!

... To the Beat of My Own Drum said...

Don't forget your lap top...He, He, He.