Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teaching Kids a Good Work Ethic

If anyone was watching me during church today, I'm sure they thought I was sleeping. Well, I wasn't. I was TRYING but it didn't come. Bugs kept poking me in the side to help her decipher her coloring book (huh?) and the speaker during that particular segment was actually really engaging and so...I couldn't sleep. Shoot!

Ahh. Just kidding you guys. I admit I have fallen asleep in Sacrament before but today I wasn't actually trying to do so. My lids were very heavy though but the speaker WAS engaging and the message did get through. What I heard was about teaching children a good work ethic. I thought that was an excellent message and actually a very important idea!

So I got looking around today and found a website that had some really good ideas for how to do it and thought I'd share it. I've enlisted a few of these ideas before today of course but am going to do a few more of them on a more regular basis (like teach them to help out with everyday chores that would be easier to do myself). I remember working a lot as a kid and am grateful now that I was required to.

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