Friday, April 2, 2010

Back Online

Wow! That was way easier than I anticipated. It went very smoothly getting my computer back working.

For future reference, and something I didn't know but when you re-install Vista and it tells you it's going to delete all of your data, it doesn't really. It throws it into a big folder called "windows.old" and it's all there, available for you to move around. It had me stumped for a while because I had hardly anything loaded on and yet it was taking up almost 100G! I couldn't figure out why I had LESS space than before I re-installed!

Fortunately I had stored the "set-up.exe" for all of my important programs on my external hard drive and could run them from there saving me a lot of time finding them on the internet or putting in CD's. Ahhh. It's nice to have a clean computer, it's almost brand new again!

Now onto the PC.

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