Monday, April 26, 2010

Forays Into Sewing & a Few Irisis

My weekend was a blur of fabric, thread and the clunk clunk of my sewing machine - intermixed with a small break out in the yard where I transplanted some old decrepit irises from a long forgotten corner in my backyard to my new winding flower beds that go up the side of my house. They'll be beautiful in two years!

As I've mentioned a few times here and there on this blog, I do not sew. I mean, I would LIKE to sew but so far, everything I've ever made has been a disastrous mess and I'm never sure if it will even make it through one washing cycle let alone the rigors of being worn by a child!

Enter blog sewing tutorials. Have you ever seen these? Until just a few days ago, I didn't know they existed! I thought that if you really wanted to sew, you absolutely had no choice but learn the complicated "pattern-reading" language. And to me, it's a complete foreign language. There always seems like there's something new to learn and the words they use to describe an assortment of procedures is so stupid. Like, can't they use normal words like "sew on ric-rac then flip it over and iron it!" What would be so hard about that! These tutorials DID use real language and it went so much better! Turns out, I CAN sew. What I can't do is read a pattern.

So I'm proud to show you a few of the things that I made. They were all originally intended for Bugs because she's the only one I absolutely have to shop for anymore. And she needed summer clothes so I thought I'd make a few of these cute outfits I'm seeing around on Etsy and stuff.

First off is the tank top that should have gone with the skirt - I don't love it but it'll be okay with jeans. I don't like it with the skirt and didn't even bother photo'ing them together. Perhaps you can envision how they just don't work together.
Next is the tank that was an afterthought. Bugs wanted this cat fabric and I just didn't know what I'd do with it. So I made this "tank" that turned out to be a size too small for her but fits Tink as a dress and is absolutely adorable I think. I'll make another a size or two bigger for Bugs and it was really easy to make so no biggie.
Last is my absolute fav. It took me about 1/2 the day to make it and I love how it came together. It was less than $10 to make and fits perfectly. I wish I had one for myself even if I'm a big old for it.

6 backward glances:

Lesley said...

Look at you!! Bragging on me a few days ago and now you've taken off! Your stuff looks great and I'm with you - the skirt is my favorite! I love the fabric choices you used on it! And isn't sewing addictive? I spent part of last week (before i got hit with strep thoat) making a an apron from the neatest vintage pattern I bought of etsy. When I finish I'll post a picture.

Amy said...

Hey! I was hoping you'd drop by and see my stuff! I was going to email you tonight and ask you where you were getting your patterns and ideas. If you're able to read a pattern, you're still way out of my league but I REALLY want to catch up. You are totally my inspiration, you know! All that stuff you're making for your kids is way motivating to me! Did you use patterns for everything you've made that you've blogged about?

Becky said...

I have been wanting to make ome of those skirts for my daughter for the longest time! They turned out adorable!!

Rachel said...

That skirts is adorable. The mix pf patterns is very cute. Does this mean because I have a girl I now have to figure out how to make all this cutesy stuff. I'm so in over my head as it is, I was excited to get a pony tail and ribbon in her hair.
Nicely done on the sewing. Cute as always.

Katie said...

I have been doing this too. My favorite website is:

She has free patterns and tutorials or patterns you can buy and she emails you- they are cheap and I love them because they are step by step with great pictures.

Good job

Amy said...

Rach: heavens no! just do what you feel comfortable with! i'm impressed with the domestic skills you've mastered in such a short time.

katie: i went to that website and i am going to do one of those market skirts. it looks REALLY easy and very cute. i just need to go get a bit more fabric tomorrow. thanks for the tip! i saw some of your skirts on your blog and thought they were really cute.