Friday, April 2, 2010

Love/Hate Taxes

Are you an ostrich like me? If I am worried or scared about something money related, I stick my head in the sand and ignore it until it becomes a much bigger issue and demands my attention which usually, at that point, it is a huge mess and costs me considerably more angst (and money, lol).

At the beginning of 2009, I had to get my taxes done but I was so worried about some tax issues that we were having that I filed an extension and then shut it out of my brain. Yes, my mind would return again to it every now and then but the thoughts would be full of worry and anxiety.

I knew I'd have to get around to it eventually and so I did. I took it all to an accountant a few weeks back and started sorting through the mess. I have been so worried these past weeks about the penalties I'd have to pay for not getting them in before the extension ran out.

The accountant sent me the forms to sign today and I was absolutely blown away by the REFUND. I'm quite sure we've never received a refund that high before in our entire life. I'm totally freaking out because we need the money SO BAD and this is like a huge windfall.

I have high hopes now for 2009 because both The Marshmallow and I both only worked about 1/2 of the year, get to write off Tinkerpot and a whole host of other stuff that is good only in the world of taxes. I had to get Tink's social security number today and a few other business things and I'll be able to submit it all to the accountant this afternoon. I'm crossing my fingers for good luck!

2 backward glances:

Katie said...

We got an AWESOME tax return- we usually do but this one was especially nice. Good luck

Amy said...

taxes can be such a wonderful thing!