Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Well, Easter's now over but still Happy Easter anyway.

I'm still up, rather uncharacteristically for me lately because I've been at my computers all day finishing up my re-installs. They are never completely smooth. I finished my laptop nearly all the way but am being confounded by the installation of my primary printer. And now I'm waiting on the generosity of other HP forum readers to help me out. I'm staring impatiently at my in-box waiting for some blessed soul to give me the answer to my quest.

I also formatted my PC today and re-installed only very pertinent programs. This is my kids' computer and it only needs to be basic but it was loaded down with all sorts of my old crap since it used to be my primary computer. But it's done and it's wonderful. Like it's brand new all over again.

I made a real Easter dinner tonight. This is not my forte - cooking holiday meals. I just can't get in the groove. I usually completely miss the mark on big holidays like Christmas (we've had frozen burritos one year) and Thanksgiving (good thing we usually go to a relative's house or we'd be having shells & cheese and PB&J). I just forget that big detail in my preparations! Fortunately I had a ham in the freezer already so I plunked it in the roaster. I made some crescent rolls, buttered beans and the obligatory shells & cheese.

We were invited to my Grandma's for Easter dinner tonight and we planned to go until around 11am we realized that Tink was going to be a literal monster all day. I believe she was teething but it was murder around here all day and to take her anywhere would have been hell on wheels, and that's no lie. We thought we'd save our sanity and my mom and grandma's since they go crazy out of forgetting what it's like to have a teething munchkin.

Anyway, I AM going to bed now. Hopefully I'll get the email in the morning that solves my problems.

I hope YOU had a fun Easter. Nothing beats chasing your kids around the house with the video camera as they find eggs, candy, and baskets. I told The Marshmallow last night that this is my favorite part about being a parent. The holidays are the best!

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