Friday, August 13, 2010

Moment In A Bottle

Shortly after my fantasy last night, Bugs finally finished brushing her teeth and came to snuggle with me. My reverie over, I read a chapter out of "Henry Huggins", particularly enjoying the way these youngish/oldish books have reappeared in my life for the 2nd time. The first time as a girl Ramona Quimby's age, and now as Ramona Quimby's mother. Quite enlightening.

But that's all not the point.

The POINT is something that I just don't want to forget about that leggy little 6 year old who somehow has already completely outgrown the shoes I bought her at the beginning of the summer for the beginning of school. She hasn't even worn them yet. Needless to say, summer has brought big changes in that little girl. I guess I've mentioned it before but this is tangible proof.

So the book was done and I always lay with her and talk for a few minutes and tickle her - capturing my 1:1 moments, time I value as priceless. She burrowed into me with her thumb poised to be sucked on and she said in her squeaky little voice, "Mommy? Will you be my pillow tonight?" It was payback for at least a month's of up-all-night's.

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