Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girl Stuff

This morning was my last morning of leisure for what feels like the rest of my life. No, not really but at least until next Saturday rolls around.

Gone are the days of sleeping in until 9AM for the sheer pleasure of it. I do that every single day I don't have to work or work out. Ok, that's not really that many days but when those days come, it's like Christmas...only better. Can ya give me an amen?

We've begun rolling back the bedtime starting last night so that Bugs can get ready for the early trumpet horns. I make her get up at about 6am on school days so she has plenty of time to slave for me before she's off to school. And I can't really expect a first grader to get up on her own and get her routine going without her mommy, now can I? When can I, I'd like to know? When will she be old enough that I can go back to being lazy in the morning?

Well, anyway Bugs starts first grade this year. We went through her clothes today and made piles of things I no longer want her to wear due to them being too high either on the ankles or the belly. Lots of shoes put away too. I have a list of stuff that I need to buy - a list that should have been made about a month ago. I need:

  • brown boots
  • church shoes
  • loafers, probably brown
  • 2 pairs of pants, not pink or jeans
  • 4 long sleeved shirts
  • 2 sweaters or cardigans
The list isn't overwhelming. I'm sure I can find those things pretty quick. Bugs and I are headed out first thing in the morning. We'll make a day of it - find all of these clothing and shoe items and then off to lunch. I read on my friend Katie's blog that her daughter's favorite restaurant is the Myan and I realized I've never taken Bugs there before. And it's the exact sort of place that she would find mesmerizing. Their food sort of makes me want to gag but I'll sacrifice for the greater good. Mother/Daughter time...this is what it's all about!

3 backward glances:

Rachel said...

Shopping with Bugs sounds like fun. Could you adopt me so I can come too! I can't wait to hear how the first day of first grade goes tomorrow. Who will cry more, you or her? :)

Still your mom said...

FIRST grade! Good grief...I can remember the day YOU started the first grade! You'll never get to the point, while your kids are in school, that you'll be able to let them "do it on their own". They need you, want you...and only you can supervise that books are not forgotten, homework is retrieved, and lunch is nutritious. Nothing like being a mommy. Ah, those were the days.

Amy said...

well,the Mayan was a big success but Bugs is NOT a great shopper yet. She spent the better part of the day sitting against a wall near the dressing room playing on my iPhone. O-well, many years ahead of better shopping experiences.