Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally DONE

What has felt like an eternity has ended. My painting job. What a horrendous effort that turned out to be! I have no memory of any painting job ever being that big of a suck fest. It didn't help that the walls were brown and blue - two colors impossible to cover with lighter colors.

So I mentioned that The Marshmallow took pity on me and sprayed the primer. He did that last week on Wednesday or Thursday and it's a good thing he did or else I'd still be rolling it. The problem is he got so completely high that he nearly threw up. He was stoned for like 4 hours and swore he'd never do that again. He didn't spray the closet so I had to go and do that part and it took me the better part of Sunday to finish it.

But I finally finished it today. I thought I picked a white-ish cream but it turned out to be a pale yellow cream but I love it anyway. It's amazing how it brightened that room up. I'm sort of excited to get the other rooms a lighter shade to see how it affects this whole house. But that's for another century.

Tomorrow I'll clean up my mess, move furniture around and decorate a bit. Now is the fun part. Maybe we'll even order the wall vinyl tomorrow.

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Tiffany said...

I want pictures!!!! As burned out with painting as I am, you'll probably inspire me to change things up again...in that case, maybe you shouldn't post pics ;) In response to the sweet compliment you paid me, if you were a fly on MY wall, your opinion may change :) But thank you, you're wonderful.