Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easy Way Out

This afternoon I completed a most gratifying task. And it was rather painless and it was all due to the poop out of my Maytag Neptune, the biggest pile of crap a human has ever invented. It's the truth.

With more than 6 large loads of clothes ahead of me this weekend (ya right, like I was really going to get them all done), I had a formidable task ahead of me. I promptly decided we should just all go shopping at Gateway instead. But before we went, I attempted to get a load started and that's when the Neptune decided to assert its cantankerous personality...yet again.

So I gave up and went shopping instead. But coming home to that laundry room piled high with dirty clothes, I sort of panicked and decided something must be done. So I did the only thing I could think of and threw it all into my Jeep and drove to the laundromat, spent 2 hours and $20 and came home to an absolutely empty laundry room, entirely full drawers and a clean docket for the rest of the week (where laundry's concerned). Why have I never thought of this solution before? It was WONDERFUL! Plus, I didn't have to take Tink which actually made for a peaceful 2 hours of what else...reading.

I'm not saying I'd do this every week but I can absolutely see the advantages of an occasional trip to the laundromat and freeing myself of that daily stress for a week or so!

I'm not sure if I'm fixing the Neptune, that pile-o-crap. I'm so sick of all of my Maytag appliances (which only excludes my fridge). Thousands (!!) of wasted dollars people. An utter waste. Bosch, here I come.

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Jeff said...

So you have a Maytag Neptune huh?

Maybe you should checkout or to keep your machine running as long as you can.