Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Treasures and Home Health

Over the years, I have accumulated a small cache of treasures received from patients. Some people are so giving it stuns me with their kindness. In turn, I have passed on a few trinkets myself because I feel that what goes around comes around and that I am selfish if I just take, take, take of these cute peoples' generosity.

Among the various gifts I've received have been crocheted hot mits, hand embroidered day-of-the-week flour sack towels, a sewing pin cushion/scissor holder/rubbish bin (very clever), an autographed original book of which the author was my patient, and a number of other random bits here and there.

Today was the mother of all treasures though and had it been a gift, I wouldn't have taken it. I had a feeling the cute little lady who gave it to me was indeed going to "give" it to me but the poor girl is living in subsidized housing and obviously pinching pennies. Not to mention the item in question is worth a bundle! I am absolutely in LOVE with antique oil lamps and this woman had about 8 of them high on a shelf in her apartment, very dusty and not in use. I commented on them because I always comment on beautiful oil lamps. I told her someone might want to buy those if she was willing to sell them. She said the thought had never occurred to her. I bought it on the spot and she cleaned it up for me and gave it to me the next time I saw her.

I'm ashamed to say how much I bought it for. Okay, $50. But I now know, since checking e-bay, it's worth twice that and so, since the beautiful lamp sits right in my daily line of sight I'll never forgive myself for ripping off an little old lady so I'm going to pay her the rest. But don't you just love this lamp? Is it just me or is it not divine? This lamp has been in her family since she was a little girl and it was one of the primary lamps they used for light. I think that's a wonderful story. I can see this lamp being an heirloom in my family too. At $100 I still think I got a good deal.

2 backward glances:

Christy said...

It is beautiful!

Rachel said...

Its because you take care of your people, the lamp is a representative of your kindness.
Plus, what a great family safety item in case of a power outage.