Friday, March 26, 2010

Text Blogging

I've decided to start blogging by text in addition to sitting down and blogging by computer. During my day, I seriously have so many thoughts I'd like to post to my blog but can't because I'm nowhere near my computer...and by the time I am there, I've forgotten.

I could text my thoughts to my FB status but I am less and less enchanted by the time-sucking FB and who really is reading all my status updates anyway? A lot of people but there is no context! Here, at least is a monologue of my daily thoughts and my updates will be an extension of that.

So look for my updates here and probably now on a more frequent basis since now all I have to do is send a little text to my blog and *poof*: you're knowing what I'm thinking. Just what you always wanted.

ps: I get to send pictures, how great is that?

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