Saturday, March 6, 2010

How I Got a New iPhone - Do Not Try This At Home

Don't let your 1 year old play with your iPhone. I repeat: Do Not Let Your 1 Year Old Play With Your iPhone. She dropped it repeatedly.

Ok, to be fair, I dropped it numerous times. I carry it in my back pocket and whenever I *ahem* drop my drawers, it falls onto the tile (better tile than in the toilet's all I can say). Needless to say, it's been dropped many times. And then the baby got hold of it and dropped it hard 3x in a row.

So the button on the front would not work and this is a problem. This is a problem and for anyone who has found this blog post because their button is now not working, I found this forum which explains what was wrong with my phone, confirmed by the AppleStore folk: So check it out.

I took the phone to MacDocs early the next morning because I was literally freaking out about not having my phone, a fact that The Marshmallow was very frustrated about. I got a lot of crap about being that addicted to an inanimate object. MacDocs was unable to fix iPhones - just so you know. So I took it to the AppleStore at Gateway.

The two guys that were assigned to my case took one look at my phone and I heard one murmer to the other, "check it for water damage". I piped up and said, "I totally dropped it in my drink a month ago!" And he said, "Wow! That's some honesty!" I said, "Well I don't have AppleCare (the warranty) so it's not like I have anything to hide!"

About twenty minutes later, they came out and handed me a brand new phone. Keep in mind that my alternatives were these:

1) take a replacement phone for $200 or
2) take the upgrade on my account for $200

Either way, once I found out that they don't "fix" phones, rather they just replace them, I knew i wasn't getting out of there for less than.....$200.

But back to the part where they handed me a brand new phone. It was free. F.R.E.E. He said I was honest and nice and they just wanted to do me a favor.

You guys, my hair was A MESS, I wore no make-up and I was not cute so it can't be anything remotely related to anything like that. All I can say is that perhaps honesty was the best policy here.

Big Shout-Out to the AppleStore at Gateway.

2 backward glances:

Lesley said...

What a lucky day you had!!! Don't you just love it when things go your way like that? That was great! A friend of mine just bought a new iphone she said that the salesman demonstrated how much those things can take by THROWING one across the showroom! (I don't know if it was in the special case that they sell for big $$$) or not? Anyway, I was under the impression that these things are very tough!!

I upgraded phones last week (not iphone but similar) and I'm going nuts trying to figure out all I can do on it. I don't have time to learn a new phone! : )

Rachel said...

You're so funny! Don't let your one year old play with anything that costs $200 period. Charley loves the cell phone more that ANY toy.
Its nice to hear there are still rewards for honesty. You deserved it. You're a great, honest person.