Monday, March 15, 2010

Me and Laziness

are old friends, let me tell YOU! Mainly in the morning though and I do make solid attempts to conquer it. I exercise in the morning faithfully. Ok, not so faithfully but I faithfully make ATTEMPTS to get up and exercise every morning. I make it about 75% of the time which I suppose are good odds for someone as lazy as me.

Do you want to hear how lazy I was this morning? I'm almost ashamed to admit it and if The Marshmallow knew about it I'd be so busted. I mean so seriously busted I might even lose my job. :)

I meant to get up early this morning and either run or swim. That was the plan. It fell through right about the time my alarm went off at 5am. My inner devil convinced me in one of the multitudinous ways it has that I can't possibly get up. So I didn't. I snuggled down and went back to sleep.

Fast forward to 7:30.

Bugs climbs into bed with me. At this point, we're already 1/2 an hour off our of morning schedule which puts me in a funk. But I knew we could catch up if I was really chasing her around (bad idea #1), so I didn't worry and closed my eyes again. Have you done this? Ya, I know I'm not alone out there! Why can't school start at 10am?

At about 7:50, Bugs volunteers that she has a sore throat and that she probably shouldn't go to school. I give her the obligatory, "Are you sure?", hoping against hope that she will say yes. Am I bad or what? This is not my typical behavior. I'd normally never let her get away with that one. I'm too consistent, too stern or whatever that is that makes you send your child go to school despite the best excuses.

I let her stay home because I didn't want to get up and get her ready!

I'm saying it. I said it. I admitted my worst laziness EVER. I can't believe I did that. Don't t;hink I'm awful. I won't let it happen again. I'm not really that mom. I just have a problem. An addiction to my bed.


2 backward glances:

Christy said...

I hear ya! There's nothing like a warm bed in the morning and with the time change it's still nice and dark in the room...makes it even hard to peel myself out of bed.

Amy said...

especially at 4:30 AM!