Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News On the Homefront Today

I'm taking this really good class at the rec center. I started it about two weeks ago and it's tough. It's called Power Core or something like that and it's all about toning and weights. I'm really loving it. Today during the class I found out that the three girls who are nearest to me are an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist and a Speech Therapist. What a small world! The OT (Danielle) and the ST (Natalie) work for Tooele School District and I'm not sure where the PT works. Anyway it's such a weird world.

In other news, the rash has gotten a little better mainly because of my diligence to using my allergy medication. But The Marshmallow told me today he feels badly that I've gone around for a week looking like a crazy cat got hold of me and he's willing to get the big-V. I must say it makes me a tad bit sad and that's such the opposite emotion I would have expected from myself. It means he's given up on convincing me that we should have another baby. Well, hadn't I given up? When I talk about having another baby I tell people I'd sooner chew my arm off. But I guess it's one thing to say you don't want more children and another thing to not be able to have more children. Not that him having a "V' would eliminate me from having more children ... well, you understand. I'm not going to go have another baby with someone else but duh - why am I even explaining this. I might just sleep on this for a week or two just to make sure I'm okay with it. On the other hand, he said "make an appointment" and if I wait, he might take it back.

I'm thinking of taking a trip to Idaho next week sometime for a couple of nights to visit my little sister who just had her 4th baby. This is the girl who now has 4 children under 4. I'm sure she was adopted because that sort of tolerance just doesn't run in the family. Personally I think she's nuts but I can't think of a better person to do this particular job. And, she is using my #2 most favorite name that I was going to use for Tinkerpot. She named the baby Charlotte. I just love that name and am so happy that now there's one in the family so even if I can't call my baby Charlotte, at least I can say the name lots. Plus, ended up I did get my very favorite baby name for Tink.

It's 8:30 now. One kid is abed and the other one is pending. I'm going to break my regular routine of lounging after the kids are down, and I'm going running. I've always liked to go in the evening and I'm a stronger runner at night but I get so lazy and so haven't done it much since Bugs was about 3. I need to get back up to my normal 5 miles.

Well, toodleoo. Hope you have a great night.

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Aislinn said...

This post brought back some memories for me... because my hubby got the "big V" done and we went through the same emotions! Good luck with whatever you decide!