Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventures in Domestication

It's been on my radar for a couple of years to learn to crochet. And not because I'm just dying to know how really. I come from a line of excellent crocheters and unfortunately the art will completely fizzle out when my mother dies. And if this doesn't strike you as tragic, then you don't understand what sorts of heirlooms an excellent crocheter can leave in her family. In my case alone, not even counting my sisters, I have two beautifully thread-crocheted (not yarn, people - THREAD) blessing dresses for my daughters and their posterity. Beautiful dresses with hats, booties, blankets etc. And my mother has made one of these for each of her granddaughters (and in my oldest niece's situation, she will have one for her daughter because my mom was a little late on the upswing for that her first grandchild). And not only that, but she has made me several absolutely stunning doilies. And before you say what good are doilies except to adorn the house of an old lady - well, then you haven't seen these doilies. They are works of art and should be framed. I don't usually put doilies on tables because they can get ruined. She also crocheted the absolutely darling little hat that Tinkerpot is wearing in her 11 month photos, among many cute little things she's made over the years.

Bugs at 3 monthsTinkerpot at 3 months
I don't want to lose that skill in our family! I want to be able to get good enough at it that I can make beautiful things for my children and their children. I want to make heirlooms, things that last longer than me. Things for my family to cherish because my hands made them. And I suck at quilting and it bores me so this might be just the thing.

Fast forward to today. I chose a cute little beannie hat for Tink and Bugs and we started out. I was feeling pretty awesome - making good time, my stitches were even and not sucking too bad. I was enjoying myself and my mom is a fantastic cheerleader. Until about row 12.....I handed it over to her thinking I had done something wrong. I went to the bathroom and when I got back, her whole demeanor had changed. She was packing up her stuff! She said that she had picked the wrong pattern for me to start with and it was her fault but I had screwed up so royally that she couldn't even figure out what I'd done wrong. She'd pick a nice hotmit (what? a freakin' hotmit?) or a little blanket or something nice I could start with. I mean it was late - like 8:30 and I know she was tired but seriously I almost started to cry! The Marshmallow was sitting over on the couch with his lips totally zipped shut but he winked at me like "hey, don't worry - I don't think you suck...". And then she was outta here.

Soooooo. Um, not sure what I'm going to do with this. Maybe knitting will be easier?

4 backward glances:

Esther said...

If you go to Piper's quilts on Tuesday nights they would teach you how to crochet or knit in their knitting class for free. You just have to use their yarn. Just a thought.

Ellen said...

That's so lame of her. Totally. You are awesome, and she shouldn't have acted that way. A good teacher would help you figure out what you had done wrong and make it right. I think you're great and that you should persevere. You can do it!

Katie said...

HA HA- so sorry, I know how you feel. My mom is so amazing at sewing and I have failed her royally. Lately I have tried to brush up on it a little- don't give up- I know you will do great.

Amy said...

Esther - I had no idea!

Ellen: Well, she has her good and not so good qualities, doesn't she? I'm grateful she'll take the time to teach me. i wish I were a better student.

Katie: Oh I am so equally sucky at sewing too. It's another thing my mom has tried and tried to teach me. but my brain just won't wrap itself around it! I'm sure you're better than you say. you always are.