Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Job

I started my new job today and shadowed my friend Jamie on her caseload, and she showed me the ropes. It was fun! I feel much better about my ability to do this job successfully now that I've seen firsthand what I'll be doing.

In case you weren't following this story, I've been working for the school district for the past school year as an occupational therapist and now that school's out, I opted to get another job to fill the summer hours. I only work a couple of 5-6 hour shifts a week.

I'm now doing home-health (rehabilitation) for a variety of different patients from dementia to strokes, to post-orthopedic patients.

The school district has offered me a more permanent position (so far, I've only been "as-needed/PRN" to fill in) for next year and I asked for a month to consider it. In that month, I'll be deciding if I like this low-stress job (which incidentally pays a heck of a lot more) or if I want back in the crazy school schedule. Based on today, I'd take the home health job, but there are a lot of factors involved so I need to keep myself open.

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