Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dance Recital

SP's first year of dance was officially over tonight. I love watching that kid dance. It's all I ever thought it would be.

It was at a high school this time so she got to actually be on stage with the lights out - and then they flooded them on and she just blinked and looked around like she didn't know where she was. But it only took a second and she was in the groove. She's not shy at all; not like I was when I was her age.

I hope she stays outgoing. It's such an easier world when you don't always have to stand behind your mom. I've learned that being outgoing can actually be fun.

If I can get the video downloaded tomorrow I'll post a clip just for grins.

We're also going to Cherry Hill tomorrow and I've got my big dinner-swap coming up on Saturday to prepare for. It's going to be a busy week.

BTW, I'm not a complete slacker. I had a great post all done on Monday and Blogger was down so I lost it.

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josey said...

oh goodie! i'd love to see the vid if you post it :D and yes, being outgoing definitely has its benefits. haha. most of the time!

btw, i havent TOTALLY fallen off the face of the blogosphere! hehe! i just havent felt like writing, and i've been peeking in one folks every once in a while thru Google Reader.

but! i felt like actually COMING OVER to your blog and saying hello--and hey, you just be as much of a slacker as you want and enjoy the summer!!!