Friday, June 20, 2008


This was me today, pushing the mega-load about the tempo of a turtle. It was not all my stuff, mind you. I can usually just use an average sized cart for my personal Costco trips.

And so I guess Costco expects lots of traffic on Fridays because there were those "taster" stations at every SINGLE aisle corner, sometimes two at each end. And then you have these people who wouldn't even normally look TWICE at tofu burgers who nearly twist their heads off trying to get a glimpse if they're out of the toaster-oven yet. Then, everyone has to clog up the aisle while they wait for the worker to load the paper holder with the tiny sliver slices.

Meanwhile, I don't give a rat's rear for whatever they're trying to sell, just trying to get my bohemith of a "cart" around the frickin' corner. And of course I can't because Mr. Mom & Pop Gluttony are waiting for their half of a cream puff.

Can't Costco work something out? I mean, this system clearly does not work!

2 backward glances:

Melissa said...

I love trying out the samples at Costco!

Amy said...

i knew someone would say that. yeah, you're probably right. i was just in a bad mood that day. it's always irritating when you're in a hurry even if it is great when you're not.